Seashell Shadow Box Tables

Seashell tables are a great way to display all those amazing shells you’ve collected in your travels. After all, a hand picked seashell collection celebrates the sea and tells your story, so why not display it and enjoy it everyday.

160[4]1. This has to be one of my favorites I found.


shell_table_22.  These Beautiful tables are crafted by Xenasdad and for sale on Etsy. From Zenasdad.


attic_windowtable3. Recycled this great old beveled glass window into a coffee table! They even added a glass insert so you can place something between the two pieces of glass. Shown with sand dollars. From


turq_table4. This distressed turquoise coffee table is just amazing. I love the idea of displaying your images from beach vacations mixed with shells and souvenirs. From Nature Inspired Crafts.


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