AT THE BEACH Sand & Sea Salt Scrub is the best thing EVER!

I was at the mall recently and for some reason, I went into Bath and Body Works. I never go into this place as I’m allergic to all things with fragrance but I noticed one of their signature collections called AT THE BEACH, so I had to check it out.

First thing I picked up was the AT THE BEACH Mini Perfume Spray.  I was expecting to cough and break out into hives when I smelled it but it was really nice and bonus, it didn’t make me a cough. YEAH! I totally recommend this.

The other thing I’m absolutely loving is the AT THE BEACH Sand & Sea Salt Scrub. This stuff really makes your body and face feel smooth and clean without leaving an annoying fragrance to irritate your skin. I eed to go back and buy buckets more of this.



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