You’ll Love These Beachy Halloween Costumes For Your Pooch

There’s nothing I love more then to see a dog in a funny costume, especially a coastal inspired one. I guess what makes me laugh other than the obvious, dog costumes are generally cute, is the reaction of the dogs themselves. Some dogs appear to quite enjoy it, you can almost see them smile! Others seam ambivalent, while others just give in and realize that their owners have complete control over them.  However, I do like to think that those dogs are hatching a plan get back at their owners.


Here are some hilarious and creative dogs costumes you can get inspiration from.


If DIY isn’t your thing, you can buy some pretty adorable costumes as well.


Animal Planet Tortoise Dog

luau-jacket-pet-costumeI like to think this is a Magnum P.I. Dog. Luau Shirt Pet Costume


Glim Mermaid Dog Costume




Petco Halloween Sailor Dog Costum

91XQ9tLWHAL._SL1500_Goldfish Dog Costume


Animal Planet Orca Dog Costume


Animal Planet Hammerhead Shark

Lobster Paws Dog Costume Lobster Paws Dog Costume


Hawaiian Beach Dog Shirt, Blue or Yellow

Octo-Hound Dog Costume



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