Beautiful Florida Cottage on the Gulf of Mexico

I absolutely adore everything about this beach house in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida, which is near my hometown. The Owner choose to do the whole house in mint green. I love this idea, it works!

What do you think? Could you live in a house where almost everything is GREEN?

From:, this links to the article in Wayback Machine as the original blog post is no longer active.

All images from VERANDA magazine July-August 2005, interior design by Toby West, Architectural design by Thomas Christ, Photography by Mick Hales and Text by Frances Schultz.



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4 Responses

  1. Lynda Sarkisian says:

    I love the color Toby West used throughout this charming home. Do you know if it is Ben Moore, Palladian Blue? I am trying to figure out which color this is?

    • Shannon Smith says:

      I found the original article on Wayback Machine. The article mentions its more of a mint green as the pictures are scans from a magazine. I’ll post more info in the post.

  2. Cynthia says:

    Did you find the color yet? Which company and number?

    • Shannon Smith says:

      All i know is it’s a Pale mint green, You could seek out the back issue of VERANDA magazine from July-August 2005. I’ve seen it on Amazon.

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