Decorate With The Bold Colors Of The Sea


Palette by inspireREEF. Photo from:

Decorating coastal doesn’t mean you have to decorate with light colors, it means you have a wonderland of hues to work with.  The sea is an amazing world of color inspiration, so don’t limit yourself.



Palette by inspireREEF. Photo from: Echelon Custom Homes

Lime and Teal are amazing combinations. This is an unexpected bathroom color for most, but I love it. The ladder for hanging towels, the rug and the glass doors all make me swoon. The people that own this bathroom are lucky they have 2 sinks because it would be hard to share with someone else in this oasis if it was just one sink.



Palette by inspireREEF. Photography Laurey W. Glenn / Styling Leigh Anne Montgomery –

This is from Carillon Beach community, which is about 5 miles west of Panama City and 1 hour or so away from my hometown in Destin, Florida. I love when coastal communities paint their homes in bold colors. It really makes the neighborhood happy. I would love to relax here and have some margaritas.



Palette by inspireREEF. Photo from: Echelon Custom Homes

This bedroom is pretty cool. You wouldn’t think a black and white striped carpet would go well with a coastal theme, but it works really well with the coral and teal. I’m really loving the white washed wood flooring.


Photo from: Mix & Chic

Photo from: Mix & Chic

WOW! This home is bright, beautiful and bold. I’m digging the Flamingo pink and green together. This might not be for everyone but it definitely inspires me to go bold.


Photos From: Barclay Butera

Palette by inspireREEF. Photos From: Barclay Butera

This is a true nautical living room, the sailboats, and the anchors with the black and white striped pillows are truly adorable. Who wouldn’t want to set anchor and relax in this cozy living room. Bright red is one of my favorite colors to mix with coastal decor.


Palette by inspireREEF. Megg Braff Designs

Palette by inspireREEF. Photo From: Megg Braff Designs

This coastal vintage chic is just lovely. The bright tangerine orange reminds me of a Clownfish. The gold mirror complements the orange and teal really well. I am in love with this hue combo.


Palette by inspireREEF. Photo from: Home Inspiration Design

Palette by inspireREEF. Photo from: Home Inspiration Design

This room takes a modern approach to beach living room décor by utilizing bold colors with solid cream furniture. Straight, linear lines and sharp edges give this room a very modern but cozy feel. Large canvases cover the longest wall, which make this the focal point of the room.


Photo from: Better Homes & Gardens

Palette by inspireREEF. Photo from: Better Homes & Gardens

I see many great DIY projects for someone looking to brighten up their sunroom. Spray-paint a worn woven chair with a bold new hue. DIY Painted Fabric Canvases are a inexpensive way to add a pop of color. Add more color to the room with pillows. Make a pillow or two from coordinating fabric remnants, or embellish a plain pillow cover with a shape cut from contrasting fabric and adhered to the cover with fusible web.



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