InspireReef Find: CastawaysHall Beach House Style Home Decor

The Humpback I bought. Buy Now

The Humpback I bought. Buy Now

Pieces in Steveston Village, BC

Pieces in Steveston Village, BC

I discovered CastawaysHall by Jill Hall when I was at Pieces in Steveston Village, BC. What caught my eye was a giant wooden Sperm Whale in the window. I spent a good 45 minutes trying to decide between numerous amazing pieces.  The Sperm Whale was the one I ended up taking home. It was around $80.00 and now hanging beautifully in my hallway.

CastawaysHall also makes amazing shutters for your cabin, cottage or beach house, or really any house. Hang them outside or inside on either side of a window or mirror, hang a few next to each other for an instant headboard, use just one on the wall simply as beach house decor, hinge them together to make a screen or door or even cafe curtain style shutters.

Beach house style home decor, shutters and furniture designed and built by Jill Hall. Each piece starts with something with a history; vintage furniture, demolition pieces, antique doors, hardware and housewares, etc. Check it out at

Here are a few of our favorite finds on her Esty Store.




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