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DIY Beach Ball Garland

This has to be the coolest idea for a beach inspired party!  Every year my husband and I through a Christmas party called ‘Smithmas in Hawaii with Magnum’. That’s right, we all dress up...


Capture Your Vacation In A Jar

I adore this idea becasue I have so many little mementos from our vacations and putting them all together in a jar is great way to preserve your memories. Here is a few examples...


Ocean Diorama’s

This brings me back to my middle school days but I’m not using a shoebox and construction paper, i’m using cute little tin boxes, natural things I find on the beach, maps and other...


Old Printer Trays to Display shells

Display your beach finds in these cute antique printer trays. Locating printer trays can be challenging but you can always check out ebay, if you can’t find them in your local antique shop. Pottery...


Seashell Shadow Box Tables

Seashell tables are a great way to display all those amazing shells you’ve collected in your travels. After all, a hand picked seashell collection celebrates the sea and tells your story, so why not...


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