DIY Framed Shell Art With Your Beachcombing Finds

We love beachcombing for seashells.  When my husband and I are back in my hometown Fort Walton Beach, Florida, we tend to get up early and head to the beach on Okaloosa Island for a little beachcombing. The trick to finding great shells is to get there first thing in the morning or after a big storm. One of the hardest to find is the Sand Dollar. Usually, sand dollars are broken up, so when we come across a whole one, I like to think it’s lucky. One beach trip we found over 12 of them, so I decided to frame them. Below is my tutorial on how to make inexpensive framed shell art.


DSC_0365 Step 1: Head to the beach early to get first dibs on the best shells. Plus nature is amazing at 6 am.


Step 2: Put on your sunscreen and start looking for shells. Don’t forget to have fun and enjoy the view.


Step 3: Gather DIY materials.

  • Find a frame that’s deep enough for your shells. I got this shadowbox from Ikea. It also came with a matte.
  • Glue-gun
  • A background that fits your color scheme. I choose a textured linen sheet of paper I got from Michaels.
  • Shells, I choose the Sand dollars I found on my trip to Florida.

Step 4: Glue linen background to the backboard of the frame.

Step 5: Lay the matte on top and arrange the shells in the desired pattern. I like a clean layout. Note: I glued the matte to the backboard so it wouldn’t move.

Step 6: Now that you have your shells in the pattern you like, use a glue gun to glue them down. Now be careful, you only need a tiny bit. You don’t want to over glue and have the glue push out of the sides and holes of the shell. Put the glue where you won’t see it.

Step 7: Now you’re ready to assemble your frame and hang it up.

535498_10150700421004205_1235404520_n  Finished product


560360_10150700603834205_840773204_nI love how it looks on my blue wall.


538873_10150700604114205_821620026_n copyTry collaging your finished framed shell art with your other beach art.

I would love to see what your DIY framed shell art looks like, so feel free to post a link in the comments below or share on my facebook page.


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