Flamingo Love!

Every time I see a flamingo, it reminds me of Miami Vice (even though they don’t originate in Florida) but somehow we all think of Florida when we see that beautiful pink flamingo.


new florida lottery logoThe Florida Lottery even uses the flamingo as their logo. So why does Florida keep advertising Flamingos like it’s natural to see them in the wild there?

According to audubon.org, “At the time of the arrival of Europeans to Florida, there was a small breeding population of Flamingos in extreme southern Florida– this would have been the northernmost extent of their Caribbean range. Since that time, their range has diminished, and flamingos no longer breed in Florida. Occasional sightings of flamingos in the southern reaches of Everglades National Park are thought to be birds that are vagrants from the Yucatan population. Flamingos seen elsewhere in the state are likely escaped birds from captive wildfowl collections. If you see a bright pink bird in Florida, it’s more likely to be our native Roseate Spoonbill than a Flamingo. To tell the difference: look for the Spoonbill’s spatula-shaped bill!”
There are four flamingo species in the Americas and two species in the Old World.

Old World

  • Greater Flamingo – Parts of Africa, S. Europe and S. and SW Asia (Most widespread flamingo).
  • Lesser Flamingo – Africa (e.g. Great Rift Valley) to NW India (most numerous flamingo).

New World

  • Chilean Flamingo – Temperate S. South America.
  • James’s Flamingo – High Andes in Peru, Chile, Bolivia and Argentina.
  • Andean Flamingo- High Andes in Peru, Chile, Bolivia and Argentina.
  • American Flamingo – Caribbean islands, Caribbean Mexico, Belize and Galapagos islands.


Who knew Flamingos could dance?



I tend to gravitate toward flamingo decor for some reason. I love the Genuine “Don Featherstone” plastic lawn flamingos and think everyone should own some. It brightens up any yard with a bit of humor. Get yours at getflocked.com.

About “Don Featherstone” Plastic Lawn Flamingos
Our flamingos are the Genuine “Don Featherstone” design (with his signature), created in 1957 by Union Products in Leominster, Massachusetts. Union Products closed in 2006, but the original molds for these classic pink 1950’s icons were purchased and are still being used to produce them today.


When it comes to decorating with flamingos, it doesn’t have to be tacky. Flamingo decor can be tasteful. Check out these great finds.

Flamingo Chair

 Love, Love, Love this Arthur G Chair. I need this in my life.


Flamingo PaintingFlamingo Mingle by Cozamia Art is stunning! Via: ImageKind

FlamingoOH WOW, now this is cheerful wallpaper. This might be too much for some but would look cool in the bathroom or on one wall in your home. Houzz

CoastalDelightsFlamingo 2 Door Cabinet adds that special touch of casual elegance. Via: Evergreen Enterprises

4-largeFlamingo lamp shade to give any room an instant lift. Via: Pretty Dandy

This Flamingo Chest is a-maz-ing! Could also make a great DIY project if you can draw/paint, if not commission a local artist to do it for you. Via: Jimmie Martin


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  1. Rozella says:

    Where can you get Arthur G. Chairs flamingo chair

    • Shannon Smith says:

      http://www.arthurg.com.au did the chair. They do custom chairs. You will have to contact them to see if they can still produce this chair. Really, It’s just a matter of finding flamingo fabric to cover any chair and you will get the same result. : )

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