{ Freshly Sewn } Paro Caridgan from Itch To Stitch

Looking for the perfect sewing pattern for a cozy cardigan? Look no further because I’ve found it, It’s called the Paro Cardigan from Itch To Stitch.

First off when I saw the name ‘Paro,’ I immediately thought of the PARO Therapeutic Robot. I mean it makes sense, the cardigan does have a calming effect. I don’t know if Kennis named it after that, but I like to think that’s the case.

I had the opportunity to be a tester for this pattern, and I really enjoyed it. I’ve never been a tester before, and I found it was nice to give your feedback and help make the pattern perfect. I would do it again.

I have now made 3 of these cardigans, and I just want to make a bunch more. The first one I made, I felt it was a little too big on the top, so I graded two sizes together to fit my body better. Now it’s perfect. Here is a list of what I changed. Keep in mind a lot of the testers did not make adjustments and they look fantastic. I just made the extra adjustments to fit my body type better.

1. Took 1″ off waist height since I’m 5’4 and added the 1″ back to the bottom.
2. Shortened shoulders to 5″ to give it more structure and help with excess fabric under my arm.
3. Took 1.5 inches off sleeves.
4. Graded a smaller size on top to a slightly larger size on bottom.

The instructions and illustrations are very simple and easy to understand. It does have a button, but you don’t have to add it if you’re afraid to do a button, you could also opt snaps.

For one week the Paro Cardigan is 20% off, which makes it $8.00. I do have to warn you, you will fall in love and may make a MANY of these, it will also help you get that fabric stash down. Get your pattern now.


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