Goddis – Beach inspired Knitwear

I have a few pieces of Goddis knitwear and it’s one of my favorite go to things in my closet. Being from Florida, I like light and flowy clothing. I also like the fact their line is so unique and feminine. Below is some of my favorite new arrivals for spring.

Goddis is a designer knitwear brand that offers garments created in feminine silhouettes with a Bohemian flair, made in Brazil and Peru to capture both the vibrant colorways of South America and the breezy comfort of California. Initially, Goddis was inspired by the authentic Greek heritage of designer Viki Merjos and her love of the laid back Southern California beach lifestyle.

Success began with Viki’s modern take on bohemian favorites like ponchos and fringed wraps. As word spread about the striking look and feel of the garments, demand for new designs quickly grew and encouraged Viki to create new pieces in the exquisite colors and textures that have now become a signature of the Goddis knitwear style. The spectrum now includes luxe knits in a variety of sweaters, scarves, pants, and other pieces that effortlessly compliments every wardrobe. Each new collection continues to push the envelope and aims to create pieces that make women feel sexy, confident, and feminine. The knitwear line has become a favorite among celebrities such as Miley Cyrus, Kate Hudson, Heidi Klum, and Jennifer Aniston, and continues to be a staple of fashion forward girls everywhere.

Viki’s passion for her product and her clientele has grown with each new season. She frequently travels from Venice Beach to South America, where each item is made with care to ensure quality of materials and craftsmanship. Viki’s commitment is uncompromising and, with Goddis, she provides high quality designer knitwear that is flattering, fun, and relaxed, all created to get back to the essence of nature and its beauty.

Check out http://www.goddisknits.com


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