Ocean Diorama’s

1_ Ocean Diorama

Diorama you can do with your kids
Living and Loving Magazine

This brings me back to my middle school days but I’m not using a shoebox and construction paper, i’m using cute little tin boxes, natural things I find on the beach, maps and other trinkets I’ve collected over the years. I like to call this a Shabby Chic Ocean Diorama.





Conceiving a diorama is an adventure in scale and spatial relationships. Choose a container, then put yourself in the shoes of one of its future inhabitants. Learn how to do it at http://www.marthastewart.com

ocean_diorama2This one is just adorable. I see this hanging in a cute West Coast cabin. http://thepaintedbirdcrafts.com

beach-diorama-boxThis beach diorama box by Marilee Jane Designs is loaded with antique jewelry bits, and pieces. It’s a 4 x 4 inch Victorian style gem!

376582_487866544558812_1235174391_nThis one is just amazing. I love how she wrapped the box in book pages and used illustrations with a vacation photo. La Boom {arts+Crafts}


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