Pineapple Crush!

I’ve been obsessed with the pineapple for quite a while but when I look back at vintage recipes and ads pineapples look unappealing.



 Seriously, they actually thought this food look good..ugggg!


So now that we have learned everything we need to know about the lovely pineapple from this AMAZING nursery rhyme we can move on to less cheesy pineapple stuff.


Did you know that Pineapples represent hospitality?  So why not add a slice of hospitality to your home with some pineapple décor.


 Pineapple Hurricane Lamps are a must have. I scored 2 at Pier One a couple years ago and they are now on my mantle in the living room, I absolutely love them and if they ever break I will probably cry. These seem to sell out fast so If you see some buy them. You can buy them at


pineapple_love_in_situe_r580x580-1_f580x580_clrffffffq100-squarePineapple Love Canvas by Wallstudio

pineaple_ wall_sconce
Add some Hawaiian flavor to the outside of your home with this pineapple themed exterior wall sconce from the Lanai Collection.


pineaple_ lamp
Did I mention I also have an obsession with teal as well? This Chaney Pineapple Table Lamp ZMT-LIT4250 from would add a welcoming touch to any home.



Made from 100% Soy wax and includes 3 cotton wicks(lead free) and top quality ceramic ware.
Ceramic Pineapple Soy Candle from RareEsence on Etsy.


Of course you can always show your love for the beautiful pineapple by wearing it!


Pineapple Necklace from HouseofBrooke



Pom Pom Shorts, Pineapple Pants from ljcdesignss


8f1c1686df01eba268fe662229e0eaf5Whimsical and the Gang Dress


pineaple_ flatFrolic in Santa Fe Flat from


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2 Responses

  1. Caitlin J. says:

    This great inspiration! And very summery, too 🙂 I might have to find myself some pineapple hurricane lamps!

  2. Shannon Smith says:

    I love my pineapple hurricane lamps, you should totally get some before summer is over as it will be hard to find in the winter months.

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