TGIF, Weekend Cocktail Recipe – Funky Monkey

The Funky Monkey is an excellent tropical drink, from a category of cocktail that I don’t frequent often but when I do I’m reminded of how good these can be.  In the case of the Funky Monkey the balance between the fruit and the booze is just right.

Recently, I discovered that the best milkshakes start with freezing banana’s. The frozen banana’s replace the need for ice-cream, simply add milk or almond milk and whatever else and your pretty much done. I used the same approach and with the Funky Monkey, the frozen banana’s the need for a ton of extra ice you need to add to the drink, and I don’t know about you, but to me that just means more room for booze.  In the end you have a extremely creamy and cold cocktail. Happy blending!

– Scott Smith – Smitty’s Brew Review


TGIF, Weekend Cocktail Recipe – Funky Monkey

Serving Size: 1

TGIF, Weekend Cocktail Recipe – Funky Monkey


  • 1 oz Spiced Rum
  • 1/2 oz dark creme de cacao
  • 3 oz coconut milk
  • 1 Banana
  • Coconut Flakes (Optional)
  • Nutmeg (Optional)


  1. Put the whole banana (with peel) in the freezer and let it get frozen. I usually keep a few bananas in the freezer so I can have an occasional banana shake. Once frozen, peel and put it in the blender with all the other ingredients and blend till smooth.
  2. Pour into a hurricane glass and garnish with coconut flakes and banana slice.


***The frozen banana will give it the cold it needs. Only use ice if your using a room temperature banana.


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