TGIF, Weekend Cocktail Recipe – The Painkiller!

WHAT A WEEK, time for ‘The Painkiller’!  This cocktail remedy will help to cure that stressful long week you had.

‘The Painkiller’ is the official cocktail of the British Virgin Islands and one the most popular mixed drinks in the Caribbean, the traditional painkiller cocktail is made with Pusser’s Rum. Make one at home this weekend for a true taste of the tropical Caribbean.

TGIF, Weekend Cocktail Recipe – The Painkiller!

Serving Size: 1-2

TGIF, Weekend Cocktail Recipe – The Painkiller!


  • 2-4 oz. of Pusser's Rum ( I did 2 oz )
  • 4 oz. pineapple juice
  • 1 oz. cream of coconut
  • 1 oz. orange juice
  • Grated fresh nutmeg ( Lots of nutmeg is key, maybe a good size pinch )


  1. In a cocktail shaker filled with ice add first four ingredients and stir. Pour into cocktail glasses and top with grated nutmeg


I like adding the nutmeg to the shaker so the nutmeg gets mixed with the other ingredients. Then top off with a little more nutmeg.

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5 Responses

  1. kathleen says:

    We threw ours in the blender and that really made it lovely. Where did you get the coconut cream? We used a very thick organic coconut milk.

  2. Shannon Smith says:

    You can usually find it at the grocery store. This is what we used.

  3. Shannon Smith says:

    BTW, the blender is a great idea! Would save a ton of time, especially if you want to make a lot of it.

  4. kathleen says:

    Thanks for the coco cream info, so you don’t find it w/ the specialty foods which is where I was looking. So is it w/ pops etc where you can daquri mixes etc?

  5. Shannon Smith says:

    Ya, usually where the cocktail section is in the grocery store. Sometimes you find it in a can but i prefer the squeeze bottle. I know i’ve seen in in Vancouver but its also everywhere in the states as well if you can’t find it here.

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