Time to Open Up That Summer Cottage

Spring is here, which means it’s time to open up that cottage you missed all winter.

My husbands family has a cabin on Sunshine coast which is in British Columbia, Canada. We’ve spent a lot of amazing summers there. The cabin had been in the Smith Family for over 75 years and was starting to show its age, which meant it needed a reno. So the family decided to rip most of it down and rebuild fresh new cabin for everyone to enjoy.



Here are some great ideas to give your cottage new life.

Spiral StaircaseLoving this charming curved staircase with the rope detail. This staircase was built on site, which gives this coastal home its timeless charm. Live By It, New Jersey Monthly


new-jersey-monthly-Loft-Beds-121005Change that drabby room by painting and decorating with bright colors. This always makes me happy. Live By It, New Jersey Monthly


new-jersey-monthly-Hall-121005Seriously, every home need sliding barn doors! I adore this idea and would love to implement this in my home one day. Live By It, New Jersey Monthly


DSC_0356Make a coffee table out of old wood you have lying around. If you own a cabin, you will have old wood lying around. Then go to the beach grad some driftwood and make this cute candle holder. This adds such homemade charm to your family cabin. Restoration House


Carroll-0738_SUP_HH_MY10One of the biggest problems at a family cabin is room for your towel. This is a wonderful idea. You can easily get 5 or 6 towels on here. House & Home


bunking-it-lFor anyone who shares a cabin with a big family, then you know sleeping arrangements can be difficult. This idea of 2 bunks in one room is great. Privacy is out the door at a summer cabin but sleeping in comfort is not. Anytime you can get bunks in a room, do it, it can serve as the kids room or a whole family could have one room.


chalkboard_game_tableRevamp a living room in your summer cottage to include this chalkboard top game table. Better Home & Gardens


cubbiesMy husband and I share our summer cottage with a big family, which makes keeping your stuff in a area to use every time you visit very hard.   Built-in cubbies are a great way to maximize storage. You can dedicate one per family or family member and keep keep everyone’s left behinds organized. Coastal Living


staircase_ drawIf you have an upstairs in your cottage then maximizing that space under the stairs with drawers is  a wonderful idea. This would be a great place to store board games, books or even movies.  Tom Stringer Design Partners


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